Pre-collection Practices

  1. All  refuse and recyclable materials shall be placed in separate containers of substantial construction. The person from whose premises collection is made shall procure these containers. These containers shall be of plastic, metal or other suitable material approved by the Borough Manager; shall be portable and have suitable handles by which they may be lifted. Refuse containers shall not leak and shall have tight-fitting covers sufficient to keep out water and to prevent disturbances by animals and entrance of insects. Containers shall not be less than five (5) nor more than twenty-one (21) gallon capacity provided that containers shall not be so small as to require an excessive number for each household.
  2. 2. No more than six (6) 21-gallon containers or 75 lbs. total weight shall be placed out for collection at one time.
  3. 3. It shall be the responsibility of the person occupying the premises to keep refuse and recycling containers in a sanitary condition.
  4. 4. Riffraff shall include furniture, bicycles and large waste materials not commonly produced from the ordinary conduct of housekeeping, excluding white goods. Carpet shall be cut into 4' wide strips. Riffraff shall be collected on the first regular collection day of the week. Riffraff does not include tires.
  5. 5. All refuse and recyclable materials shall be drained of liquids before being deposited for collection.
  6. 6. Refuse not placed in refuse containers must be secure so as to prevent it from blowing away from the collection point.
  7. 7. The removal of wearing apparel, bedding or other refuse from premises where highly infectious or contagious diseases have prevailed shall be performed under the supervision and the direction of the Board of Health. The owner/occupant of premises containing such refuse shall contact the Borough Manager to arrange for removal at the expense of the owner/occupant.
  8. 8. Highly flammable or explosive refuse may not be offered for regular collection. The owner/occupant of premises containing such refuse must contact the Borough Manager to arrange for removal at the expense of the owner/occupant.
  9. 9. Grass clippings and yard waste may be placed at the curb in identifiable containers, separate from the refuse and recyclable materials for collection. Tree trimmings, hedge trimmings and similar materials shall be cut to lengths not to exceed three (3) feet and securely tied in bundles not more than two (2) feet thick before being offered for regular collection.
  10. 10. Except during the time allowed by this ordinance for the placement of containers for collection, no refuse container shall be placed or stored on any property so as to be visible from the street in front of the property.


  1. Items placed at the curbside for collection shall be placed at ground level at a point just inside the curb or street line, or at such place as to be easily accessible or convenient for collection. The Borough Manager is authorized to give notification where the items are to be placed.
  2. Where practical, refuse collection will be made from the rear of the property.
  3. The Borough Manager will notify the owner or occupant of the days of refuse and recycling collection. Refuse and recycling may be set out for collection the night before the scheduled day, but may not be set out prior to 6:00 pm before the scheduled pick-up.
  4. Any refuse or recycling container which does not conform to these regulations or which has ragged or sharp edges or any other defect liable to hamper or injure the collector shall be promptly replaced. Failure to comply within ten (10) days after notice will result in the removal of the defective container by the hauler.
  5. The owner or occupant shall remove empty containers from their collection point the same day as collection was made.
  6. Refuse and  Recycling collection shall be once per week.  White goods can be placed out for collection on the  weekly pickup and Riffraff shall be placed out for collection on the second pickup with the recyclables.

Recyclable Materials - Pursuant to Ordinance 2001-5, "Mandatory Recycling" is for all residential establishments, multifamily housing and commercial establishments as defined by this Ordinance.

Recycling collection is single stream which is placing all the recyclable materials in one container.  These are the recycling materials that can be placed in the same container:

bulletAluminum food and beverage containers with food debris removed to include aluminum foil and pie/baking tins.  Labels do not need to be removed.
bulletGlass food and beverage containers with lids and food debris removed: brown, clear, or green.  Labels do not need to be removed
bulletNatural and pigmented plastic narrow-neck containers with symbols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (milk bottles, water bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, bleach bottles, etc).  Labels do not need to be removed
bulletFerrous (Iron, steel, tin) cans with food debris removed.  Labels do not need to be removed
bulletNewsprint black and white or pigmented.  Do not place in plastic bags
bulletConstruction paper, kraft paper
bulletFiber-board such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes or similar
bulletJunk mail, magazines, catalogs and telephone books
bulletPrinter paper, copy paper, computer paper
bulletCorrugated cardboard
bulletEmpty gable-top milk and juice containers (quick rinse please)

Unacceptable Materials include but are not limited to:

bulletWax coated paper or cardboard
bulletAny material with substantial food debris (small trace amounts of food residue is ok)
bulletPlastic Bags or films of any kind
bulletBatteries of any kind
bulletStyrofoam of any kind
bulletLight bulbs of any kind
bulletMirrors, window or auto glass, porcelain, ceramics, glass cookware/bake ware, microwave oven trays, drinking glasses, perfume/cologne bottles
bulletWood or Yard Waste
bulletUnnumbered plastics
bulletCoat hangers, Wire Household items such as toasters, cookware, bake ware, electronics, appliances, etc.
bulletHazardous or toxic substances
bulletItems containing or having debris and residue containing hazardous or toxic substances such as paint cans with wet paint, motor oil containers, gasoline cans, glue, petroleum products, etc.
bullet Aerosol cans

Conveyance - No refuse or recyclable materials shall be hauled over the streets of the Borough of Macungie except in water-tight vehicles provided with a tight cover so as to prevent offensive odors escaping therefrom and refuse from being blown, dropped or spilled therefrom.

Disposal - No refuse shall be dumped or disposed of within the limits of the Borough of Macungie. All solid waste, excluding recyclable materials, yard waste or grass clippings, shall be transported to a Disposal Facility or Transfer Station in accordance with the Lehigh County Solid Waste Management Plan.

Sale and Marketing of Recyclables - Recyclable materials collected within the Borough of Macungie shall be recycled unless markets for them do not exist. The contractor must provide written documentation to the Borough that either said materials were recycled or that markets for those materials do not exist.

Private Contractors - Private contractors serving those premises exempt from the Municipal Collection Service must register with the Borough Manager and comply with requirements of the Ordinance 2006-04, Refuse Collection, Ordinance 2006-05, Mandatory Recycling, the Lehigh County Waste Rules and Regulations and these Rules and Regulations.