Snow Emergency Information

Snow Emergency Declared:

The Mayor may declare a snow emergency and ice emergency within the Borough of Macungie.  Information on the existence of the emergency will be given through the following:


WFMZ - Channel 69


Borough website


WFMZ website


Borough Facebook Page


Police Dept - Nixle

Snow Emergency Routes: 

Upon a snow or ice emergency being declared, all vehicles must be removed from the following snow emergency routes:

bulletCedar Street (north side), from Church Street to Spring Street
bulletChurch Street (east side), from Main Street to the South Borough Line
bulletLea Street (east side), from Main Street to Cotton Street
bulletLocust Street (north side), from Church Street to the West Borough Line
bulletMain Street (north and south sides), from Borough line to Borough line
bulletPoplar Street (west side), from Main Street to Hickory Street

Designated Parking Areas:

During a declared snow and ice emergency only, parking will be provided for residents at the following locations:

bulletBorough Hall Parking Lot
bulletMacungie Institute Parking Lot
bulletFlower Park Parking Lot

Snow Removal Guidelines:

Wait to clear your sidewalks and driveway until after the snow has stopped and the Borough has plowed at least one pass to widen the street.

Clear the snow along the road a distance of approximately 10 feet in the direction that the snow plow will approach your driveway.  All of the snow you remove from this cleared area before your driveway and from the driveway itself should be piled to the right of your driveway.  This will give the snow plow a place to dump most of the snow without all of it ending up in front of your driveway.

Eliminate snow piles at the driveway entrance whenever possible.  High accumulations of snow will obstruct the visibility of motorists exiting your driveway and hinder the ability of on-coming motorists to see you pulling out of your driveway.

Do not push snow out onto the roads at any time.  This creates a hazardous driving condition for all vehicles and is a violation of the Borough Code.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Safety Concerns:

Keep children away from the street and Borough equipment during snow removal.  Tunneling and/or playing near the street is very dangerous. 

Remove all objects such as trash receptacles from or near the street to avoid property damage during snow removal. 

Vehicles driving on a snow emergency route must be equipped with snow tires or equivalent tires or with tire chains.


Snow and ice accumulation must be removed from all sidewalks abutting the street within 24 hours after the snow has ceased to fall or the ice has formed and kept clear.  If the sidewalk has not been cleared, the property owners will be cited.